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Samsung SSD - 100MB Data Partition Fix

When migrating a Windows 7 or above OS hard drive to a Samsung SSD (such as EVO 850), it may create a 100MB 'Data' system reserved partition that is almost full.  Because there is so little space left, then it is impossible to perform an image backup.

The problem is probably caused by a large NTFS log file that consumes about 50MB of the space.

Resolve the problem by doing the following:

  • Go to Computer Management and assign a drive letter (e.g. W) to the "Data" partition
  • Run a command prompt as administrator
  • Enter the command chkdsk W: /L.  This will display the size of the log files
  • Enter the command chkdsk W: /L:2048.  This will change the dize of the log file to 2048KB
  • If you get a warning about the volume being in use then select "yes" to the option to dismount
  • Return to Computer Management and remove the drive letter
  • The image backup should now complete successfully
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