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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how Davis Solutions Limited protects personal data that we might have about you, or any personal or sensitive data that we may come into contact with whilst providing Information Technology (IT) services to you in your role as a data controller or processor.

See the GDPR Glossary of Terms at the bottom of this document.

What personal data we may collect about you

Davis Solutions may hold personally identifiable data such as name, address, email and various contacts details for you, your family, partners, associates and employees.

As system administrators and/or support technicians for your IT computer systems, Davis Solutions may also have access to personal and sensitive data that you hold in your role as a data controller or a data processor.  Davis Solutions will NEVER access this personal data unless specifically requested by you or the appropriate data controller.

No other personal or sensitive data will be accessed, processed, held or used by Davis Solutions.

How will this data be processed?

Personal information will only processed as part of us providing IT services to you, and this will typically involve phone calls, text messages, emails or possibly written communication.  We will NEVER use this personal information for marketing purposes.

How long we keep your data for

Davis Solutions will typically keep some personal information about you (name, address, contact details etc.) for up to seven years after providing services to you.

Sharing and transmitting personal data

Davis solutions will NEVER sell, rent, share or disseminate any information about you, or any data that we come into contact with, except where absolutely necessary as part of our service.  For example, it may become necessary to pass your computer, or data on a device, to a third-party for repair.  In these circumstances we will ALWAYS request permission from you first, and we will endeavour ensure that any personal data is protected.

How we communicate with you

Davis solutions may contact you using your telephone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses.  We will only do this in relation to the IT services we provide to you.  We will NEVER use these for marketing purposes.

Security of Data

Davis Solutions Limited is committed to making sure that personal and sensitive data is always secure and protected. We employ a variety of physical, technical and managerial processes to prevent unauthorised access and to mitigate risks when working on your computer systems.  For example:

  • All remote access to computer systems, including our remote support facility known as Davis Connect (if applicable) are password protected and use secure (HTTPS) connections and trusted commercial certificates
  • All portable devices are password protected and our laptops and USB thumb drives employ secure data encryption

The Davis Solutions Website

Davis Solutions does not collect or process any personal data from its website (  Although the website does include a small number of cookies, these do not collect any data about you, and are used solely to support the operation of the website.

Changes to our privacy policy

Davis Solutions will regularly review this GDPR privacy policy.  Any changes will be applied to our website, with ‘material’ changes being communicated directly to you as soon as possible.

Right of access to data about you

GDPR gives you the legal right to access personal data about you. It allows you to check the lawfulness of any data processing, to ask for incorrect data to be changed, and for data about you to be erased (within any legal or regulatory constraints).

To get a copy of this data, please make a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the data protection officer at Davis Solutions Ltd.  Davis Solutions will make a copy of any data available to you as quickly as possible, and this will be within one month of receipt of the SAR.

Subject Access Requests should be made in writing to:

Tim Davis, Managing Director, Davis Solutions Ltd,
8 Blue Barns Business Park, Old Ipswich Road, Ardleigh, Colchester. CO7 7FX

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or about any of the information we hold about you:

By email to:

By post to: Tim Davis, Managing Director, Davis Solutions Ltd,   8 Blue Barns Business Park, Old Ipswich Road, Ardleigh, Colchester. CO7 7FX

Glossary of Terms

Personal Data – Personal data refers to any information that could identify an individual, or when combined with other accessible data, could make that person identifiable.  This may include (but is not limited to) names and contact information, for example emails, addresses and telephone numbers

Sensitive Personal Data – Sensitive personal data may include details such as race, religion, convictions, etc.

Data Controller – For GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the term ‘data controller’ refers to the person or organisation that determines what data is required and controls how this personal data is processed.

Data Processor – For GDPR, the term ‘data processor’ refers to a person or organisation which processes personal data for a data controller.

Data Processing – Data processing is any operation performed upon personal data both manually and via an automated system.  Example may include: collecting, recording, transmitting, storing, altering, using, disclosing, disseminating, erasing and destruction

Subject Access Request (SAR) – A subject access request is the legal right to request a copy of information about you held by the data controller.  You can also ask the data controller, and through them, the data processor, to change personal information, where it is incorrect, or for the data to be erased (but this is within the constraints of any legal or regulatory requirements to retain the said data).

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