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UEFI SSD Boot Error

After cloning a UEFI boot hard disk to SSD, you may encounter an error when booting about a missing "winload.efi" file etc.  This can sometimes be resoved as follows:

  • Boot from the repair disk (CD or USB)
  • Select the correct language, keybaord etc.
  • Select "troubleshoot", "Advanced" followed by "Command Prompt"
  • Enter the command 'diskpart'
  • Enter 'sel disk 0' followed by 'list vol'
  • Look for a FAT32 partition that has no driver letter (typically 100-200 MB)
  • Enter 'sel vol n' where n is the drive
  • Enter 'assign letter=B'
  • If there is no FAT32 drive then just enter 'bootrec /rebuildbcd'
  • Enter 'exit' to exit diskpart
  • Now enter the command 'bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-uk /s b: /f ALL'

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