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Windows 7 - Trust Relationship Failed

When restoring a PC or server on a domain to an earlier instance can cause the trust realtionship with AD to be lost, resulting in the message "The trust relationship between the workstation and the primary domain failed".

This can be resolved in one of two ways.

  • Log onto the PC as a local administrator
  • Enter the command "netdom resetpwd /s:<DCHOSTNAME> /ud:<DOMAIN><DOMAINADMIN> /pd:*"
  • Then reboot the PC

Alternatively try the following (applicable for Windows 2012E)

  • Disconnect the PC from the domain by moving it to a WORKGROUP
  • Deinstall any domain connection software from the PC
  • Remove the PC from the domain controller because we will be re-joining
  • On the PC navigat to the URL http://<ADHost>/connect and then rejoin the domain
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